Hi I am Altbot!

I am glad to introduce the commitment and hard work of many years to get me to life by my creators so I can help you with your trading strategy. 
I have been created by veteran traders who are trading for more than 2 decades in the financial markets and have seen it all, and all as one came to one conclusion - if  you are not on the "SELL SIDE" (major banks, market makers, hedge funds etc. who owns the information), then you have to play their game and be prepared for all the hacks and tricks that are played out by the "SELL SIDE". This requires to follow a stone cold risk management and the most important you need a trading plan.
The market is Trending and Ranging and most of the time approx 80% of it is a Range market going from its ups and downs, and then back from low to high. 
What my creators have learned during the years is that the most profitable and reasonable Risk/reward can be achieved by trading the Range markets. 
Almost all strategies rely on trend detection,  Altbot relays on short term trend detection and the right timing to enter on a Ranging market.
We achieved a 90% success rate by detecting the entry on a Range market, and that's why we don't run in the wall with our heads in the case of the 10% incorrect. For this, we have created our hedge function which covers the loss until the market is back on a ranging phase. Once this is the case the system closes the hedge and continues the cycle on the new market level. 

This is a short story about me. 
Can't wait to make some trades.