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There is no trading strategy which can beat the market by not adapting to the market.

David Johnoson

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Watch our keynote about the Al.t.bot

For easier comprehension, we have made a video about Al.t.bot - sometimes it's just easier to understand when you can see.


Why is Al.t.bot a better trader than human trader?

  • Based on statistics, mathematical calculations and our expert judgment.

  • No Fear, No Hope, No emotions - Just stone cold pre-calculated trading plan.

  • Technical stability - throw anything at it - server or internet outages, it will recalculate all missed market moves.


Creators behind Al.t.bot trading bot

Developed by traders with over 15 years of experience in market making and trading. Polished by the best minds from the Mathematics Institute.


This is our Al.t.bot pricing, it's a one-time purchase, no monthly or yearly payments.
If you have special requirements, get in touch with us and we can make it work for your exact requirements.

$ 199

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